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Статус: Новый брокер в списке
Год основания: 2014
Минимальный размер счета: 5 USD
Минимальный размер сделки: 5 USD
Способы расчетов: -
Кредитное плечо: -
Спреды: -
Официальный сайт Официальный сайт: https://www.ayrex.com

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18.10.2016 Евгений: Компания не вывела большую сумму средств и заблокировала мой аккаунт. Вижу мой случай не единичный. Им вообще здесь не место. это вредоносный сайт.
06.09.2016 Jasper: Unbelievable!!! They blocked my funds in an unauthorized long term trade and refuse to release the funds. And claim that I cant withdraw until I reach the withdrawal limit. How can I reach the withdrawal limit when I cant trade with my own funds
06.09.2016 Phill: scam bags!!!!!!I called their number they don’t answer. They answer me once and you could here that this person is struggling with English and he is not answering from the call center. They also have my $500 they want me to pay $7000 in order for me to withdraw my money. And the guy who introduced me there blocked me on Facebook when I told him that I fill like I have been scammed. Then after he blocked me on Facebook from your own judgment what is that. And they are still telling me to deposit but my account is having $126000 but they are expecting me to deposit for what??? Stay away from this scammers!!!!!!!!